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This is with reference to the story “Stop cheating yourself!” by Shakeel Phullan, (YW, August 7). The story focuses on students who do not work hard, but find different ways to cheat and get their exams cleared, which is wrong.

We should always be sincere toward gaining education through hard work. Students should prove themselves by achieving something through their potentials and not by cheating.

Farman Ali,

Tando Jam

My favourite page from the YW is the “Story time.” It is always interesting, full of morals. Apart from that, everything in the magazine is wonderful and I love reading it.



The country we dwell in is not what it used to be. People are getting racist, people are throwing trash on the streets, people are fighting, crime is on the rise, etc.

We always blame our government. Yes, our government is not doing its part, but are we? No, we are also not.

Have you ever wondered who throws trash on the streets? Who spits? Aren’t we selfish to be active day and night on social media crying for other countries while giving a deaf ear to our own country and the duties we owe to it?

Friends, it’s never too late. The only thing to make this country prosper is to act on what we say and stay united.

Aimen Kamal,


I have been reading YW for three years now and I am in love with it. It is full of stories, drawings, quotes, poems, word search, story time, weird news, crafts, recipes and what not.

I would request the Dawn to keep publishing this children’s favourite magazine.

Saira Batool,


This is with the reference to the article “Teachers deserve better” by Arif Iftikhar (YW, September 30). The article portrayed how much respect and value a teacher deserves.

A teacher is one of the most respectable professions in the world. They are our mentors whose efforts make us capable to tackle various difficulties in life. They teach us about good manners and behaviour through education and it counts wherever we go, we are judged by our manners.

So kids, always respect and love your teachers.

Shah Faisal,


Published in Dawn, Young World, November 18th, 2017

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