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Story Time: The writer

Story Time: The writer

“It was too difficult, papa, I am really sorry, I couldn’t do it again,” Ali said emotionally.

“Believe in yourself, you can do it,” Ali’s father Mr Yaqoob replied.

“Papa, I have already tried twice,” Ali said while wiping a tear from his cheek.

“I have been working hard for two years, but what have I got? Nothing!” he added.

Ali was the only son of Mr Yaqoob, who was a manger in a bank and eagerly wanted his son to become the student of a top business collage. Therefore, he forced Ali to appear in entry test of the famous business school, however, Ali couldn’t clear the test because he had no interest in maths and didn’t want to study any subject which was directly or indirectly associated with maths or statistics.

On the contrary, Ali loved English literature and he wanted to become a writer in the future. He used to write on various topics and many of his write-ups had appeared in publications, and this had boosted his confidence. But, at the same time, he didn’t want to disappoint his father and didn’t reveal anything to him for the fear that his father’s dream would shatter. But after being rejected twice from colleges, he was now left with only one chance to reapply, as per the rules and regulations of the collages.

That night, Mr Yaqoob called Ali to have a conversation with him. Mr Yaqoob consoled Ali in a friendly way, saying that it was okay if he had failed twice, but it didn’t mean he would fail the third time. Ali tried to tell about his dream of becoming a writer, but he didn’t have the courage to utter anything. The conversation with his father left him feeling no better.

So later that night, Ali called his best friend Zain and asked for advice. Zain knew that Ali did not have the guts to let his father know about what his real interest was, so Zain decided to meet Ali’s father himself.

Zain went to Mr Yaqoob’s office the next day. Mr Yaqoob knew Zain very well so he was pleased to see him and asked about his sudden arrival in the office.

“Uncle I have to tell you something and request you to listen to me with an open mind,” Zain requested.

“Why not? You are like my son. Just say it!” Mr Yaqoob said.

Then Zain told about the reason behind Ali’s failure in the tests, his interests, his aim and the most important thing, his fear of not telling his father about his dream. Mr Yaqoob was astonished to know that because Ali never showed or discussed about his interests and aims in life.

Mr Yaqoob took a long breath and said regretfully, “Ah! I also wanted to be a writer, but I could not. My parents enforced their decision on me, and here I am, without asking my son imposing my decision on him.

“There was no one to tell my interest to my parents, but I am glad Ali has a friend who is caring and is concerned about him,” Mr Yaqoob disclosed. He then got up, seeing this Zain also stood up.

“But I will not let history repeat itself,” he declared. He put both hands on Zain’s shoulders and said, “I won’t let my son give up on his dreams and I will put all my efforts to make him a writer, thanks beta.”

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 25th, 2017

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