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'Celebrate responsibly': Seaview, all other roads in Karachi to remain open on New Year's Eve

'Celebrate responsibly': Seaview, all other roads in Karachi to remain open on New Year's Eve

All roads in Karachi, including those leading to Seaview, will remain open on New Year's Eve, Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah announced Sunday morning.

As he visited different areas of the city, the Sindh CM confirmed that he had ordered the blockages for planned traffic diversions to be removed. He also requested citizens to celebrate the new year responsibly and be mindful of each other's happiness.

"The citizens of Karachi are responsible," he said, expressing hope that "youngsters would not create problems for themselves or others".

He issued instructions to the commissioner Karachi and deputy inspector general (DIG) South to allow citizens to freely enjoy the occasion but also ensure that action is taken against those using firearms, one-wheeling on motorcycles and illegally racing .

Earlier, Sindh Home Minister Sohail Anwar Siyal also issued similar instructions while visiting Seaview.

Speaking to the media, Siyal said that he heard reports of routes to the city's most popular recreational spot, Seaview, being blocked with containers, upon which he took action and ordered all roads to be opened so that the citizens could freely celebrate the arrival of 2018.

However, Section 144 would remain in effect regarding aerial firing and one-wheeling and they would not be tolerated at any cost, the minister asserted.

The containers — placed on roads leading towards Seaview by traffic police — were removed soon after directions by the ministers, DawnNews reported.

Seaview has remained closed in the past few years on New Year's Eve amid security concerns.

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