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NAB retrieves 10,000 acres of usurped state land near Karachi from land mafia

NAB retrieves 10,000 acres of usurped state land near Karachi from land mafia

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Thursday claimed to have retrieved 10,000 acres of usurped state land off Superhighway near Karachi worth Rs75 billion, where some major housing schemes were launched in connivance with the revenue officials, Dawn has learnt.

“In an investigation against revenue authorities on allegations of fake allotments of lands at Thana Boola Khan, Jamshoro, NAB has been successful in getting thousands of acres of land cancelled by the revenue authorities,” the bureau's spokesperson said.

Three officials were arrested on April 17, wanted for entering bogus entries in record of rights with respect to 731 acres of precious state land, fraudulently showing it as private land, added the official.

Consequently, on the basis of established “irrefutable evidence,” NAB got more than 10,000 acres of state land, embezzled and usurped by land mafia, cancelled by the revenue authorities of District Jamshoro.

The NAB spokesperson pointed out that 731 acres of land in Deh Babbar Band Taluka Boola Khan was part of a “large housing scheme”, whereas, the rest of the land located in Deh Hathal Buth Taluka Boola Khan was part of other various housing schemes located near main Superhighway, Karachi.

“Approximate value of the lands is around Rs75 billion,” NAB official revealed. Furthermore, the revenue authorities have banned the issuance of sale certificates in said lands.

“The Investigation is at the final stages and a reference shall be filed against the accused soon,” concluded the NAB statement.

However, the NAB official press release was silent about the number of housing schemes launched off Superhighway. It also did not identify the fraudulent schemes which could save innocent investors and prevent third party interest.

Sources familiar with NAB's investigation told Dawn that the accountability body had taken notice of Dawn's investigation stories regarding two major housing schemes off Superhighway and initiated inquiry into the matter.

Initially, the sources said that NAB took up the issue of 731 acres of land, which their press release referred to as belonging to a "large housing scheme". In fact, this scheme was DHA City, revealed the sources, which has been now retrieved.

The sources pointed out that DHA City was spread over a few thousands of acres of land, out of which, 731 acres were seized through changes in revenue records.

The sources said that these retrieved lands belonged to around five to six housing schemes off Superhighway.

The sources suggested that NAB should identify those housing schemes in order to save innocent investors from pouring in their hard earned money to purchase lands there and to prevent the creation of third-party interests in these schemes.

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