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Ismail shrugs off governor’s rule ‘rumours’

Ismail shrugs off governor’s rule ‘rumours’

KARACHI: As talk of the imposition of governor’s rule in Sindh refuses to die down, the very head of the same office Imran Ismail on Thursday described the demand as just “rumours” and ruled out any possibility on these lines expressing ignorance of any such ‘proposal’.

In the first media appearance after recovering from Covid-19 while staying in self-isolation for almost two weeks, the Sindh governor looked fresh and confident and came up with future plans of the federal government mainly in the province in the wake of coronavirus and the lockdown challenges.

“There is no truth in such news,” he replied briefly to a query about possibility of governor’s rule in Sindh. “As you watch TV and hear such news so same is the case with me. I also come to know about such rumours of governor rule only through news channels. There’s nothing on ground.”

He called it ‘unfortunate’ that the Sindh government did not coordinate with the centre while making major decisions.

“For ensuring better services to the masses of Sindh, the provincial government should coordinate with the federal government,” he said while replying to a question about differences between the federal and provincial governments.

“If I have a query or matter to discuss, I call the chief minister of Sindh without any hesitation. So why the provincial government is reluctant to contact the prime minister of Pakistan to present their case in front of him?”

Earlier, he announced that Corona Relief Tiger Force (CRTF) would formally be launched in the province immediately after Eidul Fitr which consisted of over 157,000 persons hailing from various walks of life.

Flanked by member National Assembly Aftab Siddiqui, members Sindh Assembly Khurram Sher Zaman and Ashraf Qureshi, the governor said that Tiger Force would be deployed at Ehsaas centres and utility stores to help masses visiting these places.

Giving details of persons registered in the CRTF, the governor informed that 48,416 students, 2,275 medical workers, 9,251 engineers, 5,931 teachers, 10,293 civil servants, 1,877 armed forces personnel, 3,959 NGO workers, 591 journalists, 15,822 private businesspersons, 1,099 lawyers, 21,124 social workers and 3,788 volunteers were registered from the corporate sector.

“It is very unfortunate that the provincial government has declined to adopt Tiger Force and utilise its services,” he said. “The prime minister has entrusted me the responsibility to lead this force and I would do my utmost to utilise it in a befitting manner.”

He called the passion of the Tiger Force volunteers unmatchable who wanted to serve their beloved country without any monetary benefit.

“This force would not only help deserving persons coming to Ehsaas centres for emergency cash, but would also ensure that masses get discounted items from the utility stores,” said Mr Ismail. “The registered persons of this force have no political background and they are only concerned with serving their fellow citizens. After refusal from the provincial government other political parties would be consulted for ensuring better utilisation of this force.”

Replying to a question, he said the prime minister was saying from the beginning that Pakistan could not afford complete lockdown as the ground realities of the country were totally different from the developed countries.

Published in Dawn, May 22nd, 2020

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