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Unfortunate that political, religious parties misuse Islam: PM Imran

Unfortunate that political, religious parties misuse Islam: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan lamented on Monday that political and religious parties in Pakistan "misused" Islam to deal damage to the country itself and said he had started a campaign which joined together heads of state of Muslim countries to present the case for honour of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on international forums.

Addressing the groundbreaking ceremony for the Margalla Highway in Islamabad, the prime minister said: "ln our country it is a great misfortune that many times our political parties and religious parties use Islam wrongly and use it such that they deal damage to their own country."

He said that the people of Pakistan loved the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and nowhere in any country had he seen "the kind of attachment with religion and love for Prophet (PBUH) as in our country".

"So I am saddened that many times this love is misused. Does the government not worry about this? That when there is disrespect of Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) honour then aren't we pained?" he questioned, adding that who could decide how much or how less someone loved the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The prime minister said that such actions did not benefit the religion in any way and no loss was dealt to the country in which blasphemy was committed instead only Pakistan suffered a loss. "There will be no difference in the western countries where this blasphemy happens from doing protests and breaking and tearing in our country."

More to follow.

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