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Lollywood mourns Dilip Kumar

Lollywood mourns Dilip Kumar

LAHORE: The Pakistan film fraternity has expressed deep sorrow and grief on the death of legend of legends and superstar of the subcontinent, Dilip Kumar, who passed away in India on Wednesday.

Many film personalities sent condolence messages and some recollected memories of their meetings with an all-time magnificent actor, an icon.

Film director Hassan Askari remembering his 14-hour meeting with Dilip Kumar in England back in 1985 at actor Salma Agha’s residence where he was shooting his film -- Hum Aur Tum. Agha had invited Dilip and Madam Nur Jahan. He said that he was trembling when he first saw Dilip Kumar in person.

“I was in awe that I am meeting an actor whose screen charm and iconic personality saw no boundaries in the subcontinent,” said Mr Askari. He said in that meeting Javed Sheikh was also there and Dilip Sahib discussed many of Javed’s plays with him. It was such a memorable meeting and how Dilip sahib greeted Madam Nur Jahan when she came there and kept standing in her respect. Dilip Kumar was a kind and wonderful personality whose replacement perhaps could never be found.

Veteran film director Altaf Hussain said for certain film personalities, such as Dilip Kumar, Nur Jahan, and Mehdi Hassan, there has never been a substitute Dilip was an all time great actor and an institution within himself. For generations to come, his institution of acting would be followed.

He recalled the Pakistan Television interview of Dilip and Sunil Dutt in 1988 when they came to Pakistan. The interview was hosted by Moeen Akhtar and Navid Shehzad. The show also had in it, Muhammad Ali, Zeba, Sahira Kazmi, Khalid Hassan and Nayyer Kamal. Dilip shared his feelings for Pakistan and Pakistan’s highest civilian award Nishan-e-Imtiaz conferred on him. It was one of the most memorable interviews of the legend, he added.

To film writer Pervaiz Kaleem, Dilip Kumar was an all-time legendary actor.

“Though Dilip Sb has passed awaythe immortal roles he played in Mughal–e-Azam, Dagh, and many other movies would never die.”

Film director Syed Noor was of the view that Dilip Kumar’s roots were in Pakistan; he was from Peshawar.

“When I met him in 1993 in India he was keen to know about his native city, about his friends and recalled many memories of his early days when he used to live there.”

Mr Noor said be it India or Pakistan all actors followed and tried to copy Dilip Sb; he was a legend and a university for all actors in the subcontinent.

Chairman of the Pakistan Film Producers Association Zoraiz Lashari also expressed deep sorrow and grief on the death of Dilip Kumar saying Kumar popularly known as Tragedy King was a method actor and his career inspired generations.

Dilip Kumar’s some of the best films are Aan, Daag, Devdas, Madhumati, Azaad, Mughal-e-Azam, Gunga Jamuna, and Kra.

Dilip Kumar also had the distinction of being the only Indian recipient of Pakistan’s highest civilian award, Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the government of Pakistan bestowed upon him in 1998.

Published in Dawn, July 8th, 2021

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