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Punjab faces 68pc irrigation water shortage

Punjab faces 68pc irrigation water shortage

LAHORE: The irrigation system in Punjab faces up to 68 per cent water shortage while the overall system is suffering from 53pc deficiency as it is receiving 39,604 cusecs of water against the requirement of 84,517 cusecs.

An official of the Irrigation Department says the requirement of water at Panjnad Barrage is 14,650 cusecs but it is getting only 4,642 cusecs of the commodity, a shortage of 68pc. He says Taunsa Barrage needs 21,500 cusecs of water but it is being supplied 61pc less water – 8,404 cusecs.

He says Lower Bahawal Canal requires 5,062 cusecs of water but only 1,800 cusecs of water is being released into it and thus a shortage of 65pc.

The Mailsi Canal for Lodhran district needs 4,505 cusecs of water against the present 56pc less supplies of just 1,962 cusecs, the official says.

The canals emanating from Sulemanki Barrage need 13,300 cusecs of water but these are being supplied 51pc less water, 6,506 cusecs, he adds.

Likewise, Trimmu Barrage requires 16,700 cusecs to feed its canals, however, only 10,700 cusecs are being released into it, a shortage of 36pc.

The official says the water shortage at Islam Barrage is recorded as 45pc and at Head Balloki at 36pc.

Published in Dawn, May 13th, 2022

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