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PTI leader tasked with creating liaison with media

ISLAMABAD: After realising its disconnect with the media, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has decided to bridge the gap between the party and media.

The task to create a liaison with journalists has been given to Deputy Information Secretary Dr Mohammad Amjad.

On Wednesday, PTI chairman Imran Khan, in a video conference, claimed that some media houses were not giving coverage to his party and those that were had been banned. He feared that soon curbs would be announced on social media due to which it might not be possible to raise a voice in favour of the PTI.

Imran to meet journalists soon

Dr Amjad, who had joined the PTI in February this year, held a meeting with journalists on Wednesday. “Recently, during a meeting, in which Mr Khan and Information Secretary Farrukh Habib were present, Mr Habib assigned me to create a liaison with mediapersons. So I am holding a meeting with you. In the next meeting Farrukh Habib will also be present and then a meeting of journalists will be held with Mr Khan,” he said.

Replying to questions, he said there was a disconnect between media and the party, adding that Imran Khan would hold public meetings in all nine constituencies which had been vacated due to acceptance of resignations by the National Assembly speaker and notifications issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

“Despite the fact that we have resigned from seats of National Assembly, the party has decided that it will participate in all the by-elections to keep voters motivated and involved in the election process,” he said.

When asked about whether Mr Khan was still determined to contest by-elections on nine seats, Dr Amjad said that the decision was made to stop the government from accepting resignations in phases.

“We are hopeful that Imran Khan will win all the by-elections and then the ECP will have to hold elections on those seats again. In case the party chairman decides not to contest election himself, as de-notified leaders have already started election campaigns in their constituencies, Mr Khan will lead the campaign himself. He will hold at least one public meeting in each of the constituencies,” he said.

Published in Dawn, August 11th, 2022

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