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Alleged rape leads to violent retaliation by man’s in-laws in Muzaffargarh

MUZAFFARGARH: A man was caught raping his sister-in-law in Muzaffargarh on Thursday. Following the incident, the father-in-law with his two family members cut off the suspect’s genital organ.

The city police arrested the father-in-law and his son in connection with the case. The incident took place in Tiba Karimabad, Muzaffargarh.

The suspect from Layyah visited his in-laws’ house. He was transferred to the Muzaffargarh DHQ Hospital for treatment, and doctors have stated that his condition is critical.

The police said that a case has been registered against three people, and of them two have been arrested. The police are currently conducting raids to arrest the third suspect. The police also registered a rape case against the hospitalised suspect.

CASE: The police has registered a case against a lady health worker and her colleagues for the abduction of a young girl nine months ago, who was hired as a volunteer under the pretense of administering polio drops. The girl has not yet been recovered.

Masamat Kubra, the widow of Allah Ditta and resident of Basti Sumane Wali in the suburbs of Muzaffargarh, along with local dignitaries Riaz Hussain Dinder and Muhammad Hussain Dinder, told a press conference that Saima Rani was called by lady health worker Nasreen along with Abdul Sattar, Muhammad Ahsan, and Ayesha Bibi, to administer polio drops. However, the girl disappeared thereafter.

The police registered a case after nine months, but the accused have not disclosed the whereabouts of the girl. There are suspicions that the accused may have harmed or killed her.

The DPO has instructed the Khangarh police to investigate the matter.

Published in Dawn, June 9th, 2023

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