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Stayin' Alive: Tyrion Lannister celebrates not dropping dead in Game of Thrones

Stayin' Alive: Tyrion Lannister celebrates not dropping dead in Game of Thrones

Who's your all-time favourite Game of Thrones character? Is it Tyrion Lannister?

Lucky you, because he's one of the good ones who hasn't died... yet — a feat he boasts about in Game of Thrones - The Musical, a Coldplay-orchestrated series of musical spoofs about the show.

In the musical equivalent of chest-thumping, Peter Dinklage, in his rich baritone, celebrates "still going strong", as he rattles off the names of the less fortunate characters.

"Remember Ned Stark/

He was a lot of fun/

But he never made it past season one..."

It all began with good, noble, upright Ned Stark — he was the kind of character who reigns victorious in the end — except that his head is severed in a shocking scene in the first season finale. From then on, we knew that nobody is safe.

"The king of the North was cool, you said/

Another favourite that ended up dead..."

Even the vilest, most detestable characters — the kind you love to hate and keep you coming back for more — die, a most suitably grotesuqe death, we might add...

"You thought Joffrey had to survive/

He ain't in the credits for season five..."

Tyrion too has had the odds stacked against him, what with his ruling family calling for his execution. But he's managed to elude the noose so far... Which gives him enough reason to sing this little ditty:

"Baby, you know I'm the man of all seasons/

Characters get cut for various reasons/

Some people's parts aren't that long/

But I'm still going strong..."

Let's hope the show creators don't get any ideas; we want him to survive!

Coldplay is putting up a Game of Thrones musical extravaganza in honor of Red Nose Day, "a (NBC) campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty." More spoofs will be up tomorrow. Fun fact: Coldplay drummer Will Champion had a cameo in the Red Wedding episode!

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