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Another item number! Hulla Gulla takes song and dance up a notch

Another item number! Hulla Gulla takes song and dance up a notch

When the news about Hulla Gulla’s release came out, many had assumed that it will be just another Na Maloom Afraad, but rest assured the film is nowhere close to the comedy-drama which is still making waves internationally.

Dubbed as Pakistan’s first ‘solid entertainment’ film, it appears that entertainment is equivalent to a film packed with item numbers and the same old jokes cracked by two of the industry's leading actors, Javed Sheikh and Ismail Tara.

Directed by Layari King Live director Kamran Akbar Khan, Hulla Gulla will not only mark the cinematic debut of the director but will also serve as a platform for many budding actors like Asim Mehmood, Sidra Batool, Muneeb Butt and others.

Given that Tara is known for the famous TV show Fifty Fifty, it can be expected that Hulla Gulla will not be all about mindless humour but from its first look, the comedy doesn’t seem too promising. It remains to be seen how the presence of veteran comedians like Ashraf Khan and Adil Wadia will help.

It’d be safe to say that the film is indeed made to please the likes of audiences fond of Bollywood flicks; it closely resembles Akshay Kumar-starrer Welcome, which was also a comedy drama about rich thugs and their goons.

The director had earlier stated that the film will be following the line of Bolly flicks like Golmal and Housefull, which unspool a particular chain of events .

The film looks like it'll be visually appealing, with lots of bright costumes and glitzy sets. Singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Kunal Gunjawala are on board too, under the direction of Sahir Ali Bagga.

The movie's story has been written by Raheela Mustaq Shah, while the screenplay has been penned by the director himself.

Although multiple release dates surfaced earlier, the distributors announced that Hulla Gulla will hit the screens on August 28 this year.

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