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My big mistake

THIS is with reference to the story “My big mistake” by Haris Shahid (YW, July 18, 2015). The story had a good lesson for everyone to learn but especially so for students.

School-going children often try to bunk their classes for a number of reasons. And as they are going through a very tender age, it is likely that they can do many mistakes unknowingly and it was very nicely depicted in the story.

And this story tells about the need to take advice from parents, not relying on the strangers and not wasting time in fruitless activities.

Waseem Raja, Delta Turbat

The best dads in the animal world

THIS is with reference to the article “The best dads in the animal world” compiled by Ambreen Arshad (YW, June 27, 2015).

The article was an informative piece as I didn’t know that animal dads are also caring and very protective about their offspring.

All the information was wonderful and I read it more than once.

Naila Qureishi, Hyderabad

Nothing to be ashamed of

THIS is with reference to the story “Nothing to be ashamed of” by Sher Alam Shinwari (YW, June 27, 2015).

The story was very inspiring and taught a great lesson to do our part in helping people in need.

People who can’t afford to buy new school uniforms, books, lunch boxes, stationary and water bottles and their children want to study but are restricted due to extra expense that they can’t afford.

As a result, they have to leave their studies so if we are buying new school accessories for us even when the previous ones are reusable, we should give those to the needy families.

S. Khizr, Islamabad


THIS is with reference to the section “Facts” (YW, July 18, 2015). I really liked reading about Jindo Sea fact. It is really amazing that a sea parts due to low tides.

I really love reading the facts in the magazine so I would request the YW team to always include facts as they enrich our IQ.

Noor Inam, Hyderabad

The weekly weird

I AM a big fan of “The weekly weird” section. All the news published are very interesting and sometimes very funny. In fact, the whole page is bundle full of knowledge.

Rohail Izmee, Lahore

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