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Website review: Camp Google!

Website review: Camp Google!

THERE is always something new and exciting offered by internet giant Google and this time it’s for kids. Camp Google is a site that offers children aged seven to ten, a time full of fun and learning opportunities focusing on science, oceanography, space, nature and music. And all this can be enjoyed from their desktop!

The website was launched in July as a one-month programme to make children familiar with the sciences and help spark an interest in them, however, the site can still be used. To achieve the mission, Google partnered with National Park Services, Nasa, National Geographic and Khan Academy.

You can use the site on weekly basis (or whichever way you like) by watching videos and doing activities. For instance, the website is divided in weeks and the camp has a different theme for each week: the first week focuses on Ocean, then Space Week, Nature, and finally the Music. Campers can watch videos from experts in their field and participate in do-it-yourself activities.

All lessons include a quick video overview, instructions and the list of supplies you’ll need. When you finish each week’s lesson and activity you earn a badge, you can download it and print and paste it anywhere you like.

Fear not if you’re hearing about this camp a little late! You can still join it today and explore the world of science offered to you by Google. However, there could have been more content and videos and the programme should have been a continuous one rather than only for four weeks.

The website doesn’t require any registration or obligation of having a Google account. So if you don’t know why music makes you move, or why eating in space is different than eating here on earth, join the camp and get to know these and many other interesting answers from the experts in the field!

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