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Selfie craze

Why are people so crazy about taking selfies anywhere and anytime? I really don’t know why girls and boys take pictures with a cup of tea, showing the tree behind them, with or without glasses, shoes and what not. I am literally amazed at the mindset of the young as well as the older generation!

There have been many accidents since this craze started. People fall of the cliff, get electrocuted or are even involved in road accidents when taking selfies.

I only want to advice all the readers that safety comes first, the love of a selfie could prove to be life threatening so always be careful.

Zain Ali,


Be grateful!

This is with reference to the story “Be grateful!” by Hafsa Saeed (YW, February 27). I agree with the writer that we are blessed with everything. We have a nice life, food, water and, above all, our parents. But we always underestimate whatever we have.

Our parents love us and care for us a lot. At times, when they scold us we feel sad and think they don’t love us, but they always scold when we don’t listen to them and it is always for our own good.

For instance, if we are watching TV for hours and forget about studies, our parents, who are of course concerned, would ask us to give more time to studies than watching movies or TV, because at the time of exams only studies will help us, not movies or TV.

Awais Bahar,


Taking care of your teeth

This is with reference to the cover story “Taking care of your teeth” by Maria Moten (YW, February 20). It was an informative article and the topic was covered after such a long time. These days, both kids and adults are so much into eating fast food and sugary treats that they are likely to have toothache, and cavity problems. Eating junk food and too much sugary treats can also lead to various health problems, so one should avoid such food.

However, brushing and flossing can help one avoid dental problems such as cavities, tarter and also bad breath.

Hania AbdulRaheem,



The article “Taking care of your teeth” by Maria Moten was very informative. And I agree with the writer that ‘the sparkling set of teeth are the biggest asset you can own.’ If your teeth are yellow, not only you stand out as an unhygienic person but gradually you will develop a lot of dental problems. So it is best to take care of your teeth from the a young age by brushing and flossing regularly.

Bilal Ahmed Shah,


Published in Dawn, Young World, March 26th, 2015

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