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Story Times: Simon Bloom, The Gravity Keeper

Story Times: Simon Bloom, The Gravity Keeper

We may not all be very good at science, but nearly every one of us likes science fiction, whether it is a movie or a book. Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper is a science fiction book that also contains humour.

The story is about, as you might have suspected, Simon Bloom, an 11-year-old boy, who, with his friends Owen and Alysha, gets drawn towards the mysterious woods. In the woods, Simon is hit by a book, but this is no ordinary book.

This book is the teacher’s edition to physics. The book chooses Simon as its keeper. Gradually with the help of the book, Simon and his friends learn about physics and get some powers. With the help of formulas from the book, Simon learns to control the friction and gravity.

But a traitor of the Union, Sirabetta, seeks the power of this book. Sirabetta, who has somehow attained great powers, discovers that the book is in the possession of Simon. Now she has set up her mind to get the book from Simon no matter what. Read the book to know how Simon and his friends save this book from getting into wrong hands.

Even though this is the debut novel of Michael Reisman, he has created a spellbinding story, suitable for all.

If you are fascinated by science and science-fiction, then you shouldn’t miss this book.

Published in Dawn, Young World, March 26th, 2015

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