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Story times: I failed to prove my innocence

Story times: I failed to prove my innocence

It was a usual school day in grade nine. Everything was going as per schedule. Little did I know that this day would become the worst day of my school year within a couple of hours. During break time, my best friend Ali and I were wandering in the ground, having lunch and discussing an upcoming event when suddenly my eyes caught the sight of someone I really didn’t want to see.

Asad, an 11th grader, was walking towards us with the naughtiest look on his face. He belonged to the famous bully gang of our school who went around torturing and teasing younger kids.

Unfortunately, whenever something happened, the teachers on duty were not around so they hardly knew who the bullies were. So as he headed towards us, I knew what he was up to. Straightaway, he demanded Ali’s lunchbox. But my best friend was a brave boy.

 “Ha-ha, don’t even think of bullying me Asad! I am not a coward,” he said. This simple refusal triggered Asad’s anger and he held Ali by collar. Both the boys got in a fight, punching and kicking each other. I tried my best to stop them from fighting but it was of no use. Students were gathering around us.

Five minutes later, the duty teachers arrived but by then Ali and Asad were heavily bruised and I was having a nose-bleed. This was enough to give the teachers an impression that I was a part of the fight too when I actually wasn’t.

After we were given first aid, we were taken to the principal’s office and handed with the black letters and a day’s suspension. I tried explaining what had happened, but they refused to listen. I had committed a disciplinary crime and that was it, and there was absolutely nothing to prove my innocence. I felt awful and hoped one day the bully gang would be caught one day and punished. 

Published in Dawn, Young World, March 26th, 2015

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