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Well kids, examination time is just around the corner and many of you would be feeling pressurised to study harder than before. But remember, the more you pressurise yourself to study hard the more you will panic and this could affect your studies.

So it is better to take a little time out from your busy schedule and have some fun or you can enjoy science experiments and activities on Fizzicseducation, — an Australian provider of interactive science workshops, shows, events and a lot of fun activities and very easy science experiments to share with its users on its website too. These experiments focus on kids of ages five to 14 years, interested in physics and those who really want to learn things on their own.

There are links to the workshops they arrange and the experiments being done there. While the main category the users will find interesting is the free fun science experiments to be done in the class or at home!

Other categories include kitchen chemistry (if your mum allows you to intervene in her domain!), force and movement, light and sound, mathematics, biology, botany, human body, geology, electricity experiments (you need an elder for that) and many more. Each experiment has step-by-step instructions and the website claims all of it to be safe, cheap and easy. For example, for glowing messages you only need petroleum jelly, a paper and a dark room with black light, and here you go with your glowing message.

Science geeks will find all the experiments on Fizzicseducation really fun and highly engaging. There are also links to great science websites, so teachers, parents and students can use this section as an online science resource.

Fizzics Education is an active corporate member of the Science Teachers Association New South Wales (STANSW). So for more experiments explore

Published in Dawn, Young World, March 26th, 2015

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