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Grooming tips for boys

Grooming tips for boys

How to get the haircut you want

Be as specific and descriptive as possible with the barber.

“I want it like I have it, but shorter” isn’t a very clear instruction. Instead, say, “My last cut was two months ago, I’d like to take about an inch and a half off all over.”

If you want a change of style and something really specific, take a picture of a guy who has what you want and show it to the stylist.

Gel it well

First of all, don’t use gel or a styling product! Yes, avoid it as long as you can, but on the occasions you can’t resist using hair pomades or gel to set your hair, you might as well do it the right way. Okay, so here is what you can do...

Towel dry your hair then put a small amount of the gel in your hands and rub them back and forth a few times. Rub it into the hair, style loosely and let it dry.

Once dry, finish styling with the fingers. This will give a more naturally styled look which is appropriate for boys and also help you avoid “hard hair” or a shiny finish look. Use the comb if you want a very set style.

Published in Dawn, Young World, March 26th, 2015

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