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It’s all about songs

It’s all about songs

We listen to our favourite songs and hum along … sometimes we get the words and sometimes we are left wondering what the singer said. Then there are times when we wonder how the singer could have such a range of emotions in a song or we wonder about the stories behind the songs, about who, why, when and so on.

For those who like to delve deeper into a song and find out all that went into its making, the site has the answer to their all the questions. Songfacts is a searchable database of songs information where one can not only read the lyrics, but also find out the stories behind their favourite songs, and also, watch the videos.

Songfacts provide the album, year the song was released, its highest US and UK chart position, and interesting titbits such as what the song is about, who wrote it and what makes it different.

The site interface is neat and one can easily navigate from the homepage with categories, blog and songwriters interview. The main page carries the articles, news and updates on the songs, musicians and song writers, and a spotlight on one of the budding singers. One can also go through quizzes, and a chart about misunderstood songs so far. In addition, there is also a list of ‘Daily top10 lyrics’ and Daily top 10 songs’.

If you have no particular song in mind then you can search random songs from the categories such as ‘performed by, produced by, covered, featured, inspired, and much more.

Songfacts gives one better understanding of the songs and also invites visitors to share their thoughts about the songs in the comments section, but this can be done only after registration. While the site does a good job in providing information about the songs, singers, song writers, the ads that often appear are a big disturbance.

To go through all the stories and facts about the top songs, music lovers can visit:

Published in Dawn, Young World, July 9th, 2016

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