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School should start late in the morning

School should start late in the morning

Do you hate waking up early in the morning to go to school? I do and I believe most students do too, especially on cold mornings when you want to do to stay in your warm and cosy bed. However, schedules of educational institutions force us to wake up early and be prepared to learn. Most students regularly wake up around 6:00am or even earlier.

How can we be expected to be alert and ready to learn so early in the morning? During the first class of the day, majority of the students are with their heads down, yawning, daydreaming or complaining about how sleepy they are. Also when the teacher is trying to explain the lecture, most students aren’t paying attention. They look lost and I don’t blame them because it is really difficult trying to figure out an algebra problem or any other problem when all you are thinking about is going back to sleep. If we are allowed to sleep till a little later in the morning and the school started later, we will be able to concentrate better on the lessons and learn more. As a result, students would get better grades and be more successful.

If schools starts later, we will also have more time to do things and get ready easily. For example, girls like to look pretty, some put on make-up and do fancy things to their hair, so they need more time.

Time is also needed to take shower, which many students can’t take when school starts at 8am and their school van comes at 7am or earlier. This is also why most kids don’t take breakfast, but if school starts later, everyone would be able to eat a hearty breakfast. Therefore, our brains and body would be more active.

Extended school timings also give students an opportunity to finish any work they missed, prepare for test, etc., and there would be no need for homework or they can do it at school.

In view of all these reasons, I strongly suggest that schools should change their timings if they want students to be more productive there.

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 17th, 2016

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