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Word hippo

Word hippo

Many a times while writing, there are moments when we are at a loss for words and our mind goes completely blank. Sometimes we don’t remember the synonyms and antonyms of simple words. This and many other similar situations make us waste time and we end up using the same old words that we have been repeating in our scripts. For such situations, Wordhippo comes in handy.

Wordhippo is an online dictionary-cum-study resource especially for kids, and of course adults. It offers solutions to most problems related to words; for instance, finding antonym, synonym, rhyming words, translations, suggestions, with example sentences and much more.

The site is user friendly with its clean and easy layout. The main menu is at the tab on top, with word meanings, rhyming words, example sentences, translate, find words, pronounce, and also a search tab with ‘What’s another word for?’, ‘What’s the opposite of?’

A useful feature for students is when clicking any options from the above, like ‘Example sentences’, or ‘Translate’, another search tab appears where users can type word and click the Find button and get a list of example sentences and translations so users can have an idea about how that word is being used in the context.

Moreover, the site gives other options a drop down search tab with ‘Words ending or starting with’, ‘Words containing’, ‘Conjugations’, etc. If there is nothing particular to search for, users can do random search by selecting any letter from the alphabets given on the top of the page and go through the lists of antonyms, synonyms, rhyming words, examples for that word, etc.

There are probably many other sites with similar or more features as Wordhippo, but the simplicity and the layout make the site quite helpful for everyone, especially kids. To explore the world of words or build your vocabulary, visit:

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 28th, 2017, 2016

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