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Coffee mug cake

This is with reference to the recipe of coffee mug cake that appeared in Cook-it-yourself by Umamah Shaheen (YW, December 31, 2016). I loved the coffee mug cake recipe as it was super quick and easy to try.

The good thing was that all the ingredients were easily available in kitchen and we can make it without any help. I would suggest the writer to provide more recipes like this one.

Fatima Karim,


A brilliant idea

This is regarding the story “A brilliant idea” by Sadaf Tausif (YW, January 7). The story was quite amazing as I was not expecting a good ending but I was totally flabbergasted at the simple end of the story.

The thoughts of the character were written very clearly. The writer very nicely described the dilemma of attempting the paper and the way she handled her problem.

We get a lesson that problems come along in the form of challenges, but it depends on us how we deal with them.

Ahmad Hassan Virk,


A clean environment

I want to bring the attention of all readers to the dismal condition of our surroundings due to our own actions and how easily we just let things be the way they are. Most people around are the victim of laziness and carelessness. If not us, then others are seen eating and throwing the wrappers and peels on the ground everywhere.

Recently, I saw a woman throwing garbage out from the balcony of her house from a building and that garbage just fell on the road. This is sheer carelessness and lack of manners. Isn’t it our duty to put the garbage in the dustbin? Therefore, I request all the readers to stop all those you see making a mess. Let us live clean and green.

Nasreen Altaf,


A bad day

This is with reference to the story “A bad day” by Syeda Armeen Nasim (YW, December 24, 2016). The story carried a very strong message that we should take things lightly and smile through all the problems.

It also taught us that we should always be punctual and stay calm even in the most difficult of times.

Punctuality is an essential trait of a successful person, so it is essential for students as well.

Punctuality needs no expense of money. Moreover, we should stay calm in hard times because it gives us time to take right decisions.

We should always remember that bad times come and go, so we should not cry over spilt milk but think about the positivity that lies in our future.

Afifa Talpur,

Tando Jam

Published in Dawn, Young World, February 4th, 2017

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