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Story Time: Magical powers

Story Time: Magical powers

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lusiana. She was polite, charming, kind and loving. Her family was very poor and her father was a shoemaker. Her father worked for a man who was very cruel and unkind. He always paid Lusiana’s father less money than he deserved.

Lusiana was only five years old so her mother took care of her. One day, when her father was going to his workshop, some thieves came and started beating up her father. Lusiana saw this and she got very angry. This was when she discovered her magical powers. She found herself flying towards her father and fighting with the thieves.

The thieves tried to fight back but they couldn’t, so they ran away. When the thieves got to their master, they told him what happened. Their master got very angry and made a plan to kidnap Lusiana’s father when he would go to the workshop.

So the next day, the thieves kidnapped Lusiana’s father and they also left a note so Lusiana that could find them. When Lusiana found the note, she became very worried. She told her mother what had happened the day before. It was then that her mother told Lusiana that they had found her as a baby on their doorstep and they had taken in Lusiana and raised her as their own child.

Lusiana was surprised to learn this but she was more concerned about her father so she flew to the thieves’ hideout, as they had directed in the note, to rescue her father.

When Lusiana reached the place she broke the door and beat up the thieves and their master. Then she untied her father and hugged him. Lusiana and her father quickly left the place and reached his workshop. Lusiana told her father’s boss about what had happened. The boss did not believe them and thought that she was making an excuse as her father was late for work.

He said that he was going to fire Lusiana’s father from his job. Lusiana got angry and moved towards him and picked him up and bounced him in the air. The boss became scared and apologised. He also promised that he would never trouble her father again and he would also raise his salary.

Lusiana and her father were very pleased now and they then returned home as her father was given the day off by the boss.

When they reached home, the mother was very pleased to see them both and she hugged them. Lusiana excitedly told her mother about all that took place and the mother was very happy to know that everything had ended well. They lived happily ever after and though Lusiana still had her magical powers, she rarely had to use them.

Published in Dawn, Young World, February 4th, 2017

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