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Shaheen Air flight lands safely after engine catches fire

Shaheen Air flight lands safely after engine catches fire

ISLAMABAD: A Karachi-bound flight of Shaheen Air made an emergency landing at Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad on Tuesday after one of its engines caught fire soon after the take off.

Giving the details of the incident, a spokesman of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) told APP that a scheduled flight NL-122 of Shaheen Air took off at 1031 hours (local time) for Karachi from Islamabad Airport.

After take off, the pilot of the Boeing-737 aircraft noticed and reported fire in engine No.1 at 1036 hours (local time).

The pilot requested for priority landing which was given immediately and the aircraft landed at 1043 hours safely.

The plane was switched off at the runway and towed to the parking bay for a check-up.

He said that fire services of CAA were alerted to cope with any untoward incident. 174 passengers on board were disembarked safely.

No injures were reported in the incident.

When contacted, Shaheen Air officials did not divulge details of how the engine caught fire, but said that the plane landed safely.

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