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Tere Bajoon: Jal the band returns with an ingenious video

Tere Bajoon: Jal the band returns with an ingenious video

It's been more than three years since Jal released 'Uraan' but the band has finally returned with a creative video for its latest single ‘Tere Bajoon’.

With vocalist Gohar Mumtaz and model Anam Ahmed in the lead, the music video has been directed by Azaan Sami Khan of Operation O21 fame and shows us different moments in time.

The song itself is typical Jal fare, but the video offers up something more interesting. Shot in Karachi, it shows Gohar pursuing (more like stalking, though) the girl he likes who appears to be an actor in the few first shots. He is shown to have whisked her away to a beach by impersonating her driver (don't try this at home, guys!).

In another age, Gohar then becomes a well-suited right-from-the-set-of-Godfather gangster and goes on to get the girl of his dreams.

Then we go back to the car scene — Gohar's love interest wakes to find herself on the beach with Gohar (creep alert). Nevertheless things get cozier as later he gets the girl by putting a ring on her finger.

The twist however comes at the end of the video: impersonator Gohar never had the guts to drive the car carrying the girl, rather he had just watched her leave with the real driver and all this was indeed a figment of his imagination.

This isn’t the first time Jal has released an incredible video, their previous videos for songs Sajni, Teri Yaad and Rona Nahi were equally creative.

Before Tere Bajoon, Jal had released a song ‘Tu Qadam Barhaye Ja’ which was dedicated to the victims of Peshawar attack.

Like Ali Zafar, Fawad Khan and Junaid Khan, Gohar has also made his way into acting and has been in different dramas.

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