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Asrar’s ‘Mast Hua’ is a lively selfie-video

Asrar’s ‘Mast Hua’ is a lively selfie-video

Asrar’s obsession with the idea of ishq only seems to be increasing — the singer is back again with his new single ‘Mast Hua’ after ‘Ishq Hawa Main’.

With lines Mast hua barbaad hua/Ishq ka kalma yaad hua, the song is upbeat and cheery. But this is not the only thing which makes ‘Mast Hua’ unique.

With selfie-sticks becoming the new fad in town, Asrar has recorded the five minute long video on a phone via a selfie-stick. He has dubbed it the “One- take-selfie-video song (official) in Pakistan, or may be in the world as well”.

He shared on his Facebook that the idea behind this simple video was to prove that if any newcomer has a good song, a video could be easily made on a modest budget. He also dedicated his single to all Pakistani artists.

Shot in a mini-van, the video shows Asrar in a blue kurta singing away with two musicians playing the beat on the guitar and harmonium.

With simple lyrics, ‘Mast Hua’ is about the journey of a devotee against all odds in pursuit of true love.

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