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3 Bahadur's new song Raunaqein is full of life

3 Bahadur's new song Raunaqein is full of life

As 3 Bahadur nears its May 22 release, the film's team treats its to-be audience with another delightful track.

Titled 'Raunaqein', this new song, also sung by Shiraz Uppal, is a fantastic follow-up to the title track '3 Bahadur'. The song looks and sounds as joyous as the proverbial month of May — and there's little doubt that we can all use a solid dose of positivity.

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The song starts off slow, but its beat catches on as we are shown inside the gates of Roshan Basti, the fictional town where the film is based. The lead trio of friends — Amna, Saadi and Kamil — are shown having a ball of a time at a fun-filled carnival. The colours alone are enough to lure you into this world.

But this vibrant video is coupled with happy lyrics, which makes the musical experience even better. In the video, a kindly man invites everyone to celebrate the colours of joy and happiness:

Aaja ray rangeen hain raunaqein

Jeena sung sung hai pyar me dolay

While the song shows the film at its buoyant peak, we know the film will have its dark moments, as the lead trio sets out to save its community from the evil forces that threaten to engulf it. 3 Bahadur is a journey of fighting back, taking charge, and finding support and love in the most improbable of places.

The song 'Raunaqein' has been produced, composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal, while the lyrics have been written by Shakeel Sohail and the video directed by the film's animation director Kamran Khan.

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