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7 things we learned about Imran Khan from The Reham Khan Show

7 things we learned about Imran Khan from The Reham Khan Show

After a short sabbatical, Reham Khan returned to television with the first episode of The Reham Khan show and her first guest was none other than her husband, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan.

Dubbed Khan vs Khan, the big interview took place at the happy couple's home in Bani Gala.

Although the two engaged in flirty banter occasionally, if you didn't have prior knowledge about their nuptials, you'd think they were strangers (like they were so coyly pretending to be). Not much chemistry here!

The questions Reham asked were nothing out of the ordinary. However, Imran's answers may have indicated that the former cricketer is more self-aware than we give him credit for.

The following quotes from Immy K from the interview give us some insight into the beloved Insafian.

1) "Waise hi din mein chobees ghantay pooray nahi hotay, meinay socha tha biwi ko kahan time doo ga!"

(24 hours in a day is not enough, I would think, "How will I give time to my wife?")

See, this is why IK is a genius. He's so busy that he decided to mix work and his personal life and kill two birds with one stone. Interview for the fans, catch-up session with the wifey on air; They're both happy so win-win for all. Probably the most diplomatic thing he's done...

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2) "Bacho se doori ki takleef sub se ziyada hui thi mujhay."

(Staying away from my children hurt me the most)

Although most would assume that rigging is what hurt IK the most, in a rare moment of sheer honesty, we catch a glimpse of the father and not the politician. Khan has two sons from his former marriage, Sulaiman and Qasim, who he says he has a great connection with based on mutual love and respect.

3) "Kisi aur ko meri mushkil struggle mein daalna meri galti thi, woh bhi bahir mulk se kisi ko!"

(Involving someone else in my personal struggle was my fault, especially someone from a different country/culture.)

Talking about his first wife, Jemima Goldsmith, Khan owns up to his mistakes; He takes responsibility for his shortcomings and has clearly realised that expecting her to adjust to a completely alien culture was a bit naive for him.

4) "Fittest nahi survive kartay, adaptable survive kartay hai."

(It's not about the survival of the fittest, it is the adaptable who survive.)

Gotta love Khan's impactful one liners. If you think about it, this encapsulates his political manifesto well too. Immy K is all about tabdeeli and when a change comes, one must learn to adapt.

Even if it was just about the survival of the fittest, Khan would probably lead the pack. The 62-year-old looks graceful and shares that he works out every day, adding that doing so is the bare minimum and that there is no shortcut to being healthy.

5) "Ya insaan upar ja raha hota hai ya neechay ja raha hota hai"

(One is either going up or down)

Okay, here's where he got it a little wrong — This is not true. Reham just went in circles in this interview. Like what was that question about the desi murghi? Speaking of food...

6) "Zindagi mein late shauk mujhay sushi ka hua hai"

(I've developed a liking for sushi late in my life.)

This is why he is the spirit animal of the youth of Pakistan. Who knows, maybe we'll spot the newly married couple at Sakura or Tao.

7) "Altaf Hussain ko jub se meinay gaatay huay suna hai, mein soch bhi nahi sakta ke mein logo ko takleef pohonchao ga ke!"

(Ever since I've heard Altaf Hussain sing, I can't even think about hurting people that way by singing myself!)

The PTI chairman talked about his interest in music but cleverly avoided singing when Reham requested that he should. Obviously, no Imran Khan interview is complete without a small jab at Altaf Hussain.

Fun fact: Back in the day, Khan shared he used to enjoy listening to music by Pink Floyd and Mick Jagger. He also declared that he is a big fan of the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

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