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Sanam Saeed gets very, very angry in this commercial... and we love it

Sanam Saeed gets very, very angry in this commercial... and we love it

Ufone is to mobile network providers what Nando's is to the restaurant arena — their marketing is brilliant, witty and far superior than the rest. It's no shocker that their new commercial starring the versatile Sanam Saeed and the handsome Mikaal Zulfiqar is a hoot.

What starts off as a typical TVC will catch you by surprise just 14 seconds into it.

Sanam plays the role of a seemingly meek housewife, who turns into a wifezilla when her husband asks her to account for the money he gave her last week - something many women can relate to.

Except Sanam doesn't just get angry; she gets even.

In the hilarious one minute commercial, she thrashes poor Zulfiqar and trashes their house in the process. The duo still maintain great chemistry on screen, even while Saeed is showcasing her karate skills.

It's a welcome change from every other commercial, in which a trophy wife is frying endless pakoras for her husband dearest and actually shown to be enjoying it. Usually, the woman is portrayed as submissive but as always, Saeed doesn't conform to the norm. Fans will certainly enjoy seeing the comedic side of the budding actress.

We don't have our own Vogue empowerment ads but this one hints at the same subject matter - women shouldn't be afraid to take matters into their own hands.

However, there are always people who look at the glass half empty...

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