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Humayun Saeed and Marina Khan return in 'Lala Begum'

Humayun Saeed and Marina Khan return in 'Lala Begum'

Everyone who loved Marina Khan's comeback in Jackson Heights, take note: Lala Begum, a short film by Mehreen Jabbar, is on its way featuring actors Humayun Saeed and Sonya Rehman, and writer Mohammed Ahmed.

Household names like Shehryar Zaidi, Mohammed Ahmed and Jahan Ara Hai will also play roles.

Although not much has been given out as yet, we can guess that Lala Begum will present Marina as a strict, authoritative lady.

The short film will be produced by the Indian channel Zee Zindagi which is known for televising old and new Pakistani dramas. With the background score done by Zeb and Haniya, Lala Begum will definitely be looking to look out for.

While Marina Khan and Humayun Saeed have been comparatively active in the industry, it has been a while since Sonya Rehman was last seen. She starred alongside Humayun in a drama Doraha, also directed by Jabbar.

Jabbar, who has previously directed film Ramchand Pakistani along with numerous dramas, has also made a series of telefilms called Kahaniyaan.

However the question still remains: will the telefilm will be shown simultaneously in Pakistan with Zee Zindagi or more importantly, will it be shown at all?

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