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Out now: Karachi Se Lahore's song is a cheery ode to roadtrips

Out now: Karachi Se Lahore's song is a cheery ode to roadtrips

With only 11 days left to the release of Wajahat Rauf's Karachi Se Lahore (KSL), the recently released song 'Aja Re Aja' sets the tone for the film.

Dubbed as a road-trip romcom, the film's first ever music video shows the lead actors as they leave on their journey from Karachi to Lahore. Actors Shehzad Sheikh, Yasir Hussain Ahmed Ali and young Ashir Wajahat are shown waiting in their jeep for Ayesha Omer.

Sung by Sur Dervesh, the team of Shiraz Upal and Noori, the song is upbeat and will put the listeners in a joyful mood. With a chorus that echoes of love, some listeners might draw parallels of 'Aja Re Aja' with Noori's old song 'Tum Hans Diye' and Shiraz Upal's new single for 3 Bahadur, 'Rangeen Hain Raunaqain':

Bolo, dil ki baat kuch bolo

Hum hain saath kuch bolo

Dharke jo dil ye tera

Apnon ka ho lay

Aja re aja ray

With snippets from the film, the video has the cast running wild in the fields and having a ball, visibly carefree and aloof from everyday troubles. Glimpses of Javed Sheikh, Ishita Syed and Mantahaa Tareen Maqsood are also shown.

Karachi Se Lahore is slated to release on July 31 2015.

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