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Imran criticises operation in katchi abadi

Imran criticises operation in katchi abadi

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman, Imran Khan, on Friday criticised the government for rendering hundreds of people homeless by razing their mud houses in I-11 without relocating them.

“Only the poor suffer the wrath of state power and this was reflected once again in the action taken against the residents of the I-11 katchi abadi,” he said and added that it was the duty of the government to first provide alternative housing to the poor families and move them there safely along with their belongings.

According a press release issued by the PTI Central Secretariat, Imran Khan expressed shock at the brutal and violent manner in which the CDA bulldozed the I 11 Katchi Abadi, leaving the poor families shelterless at nature’s mercy.

He stated that issues of occupation and security notwithstanding, the government simply cannot destroy poor people’s homes and their belongings, through the use of brute force.

“If there are criminal elements in an area, they should be arrested and cases should be filed against them instead of destroying their homes and belongings,” he said.

He reminded that Article 38, specifically 38d, of the Constitution states categorically that the state shall provide basic necessities of life including housing to all citizens.

The PTI chief regretted that successive status quo governments have never moved to begin fulfilling this commitment and have always targeted the poor and powerless citizens while giving protection to Qabza groups and the elite who regularly occupy state land, including park and forest land.

“No action is ever taken against these elite land grabbers and qabza mafias as all the traditional status quo parties have close affiliations with these groups,” he said and asked why the elite qabza group in Islamabad has seen no reclamation action with bulldozers despite the fact that they have occupied state land, including park and farmland, overtly with no respect for the law.

He demanded that there should be a uniform katchi abadi policy across the country and this should be formulated and implemented on an emergency basis.

Published in Dawn, August 1st, 2015

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