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Pakistan is a lovely place to live, says British High Commissioner

Pakistan is a lovely place to live, says British High Commissioner

ISLAMABAD: British High Commissioner to Pakistan Philip Barton made a scathing attack on international writers who have painted a bleak picture of Pakistan in their books at the the award ceremony of Chevening scholarships.

Talking at a gathering in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said: “Books about Pakistan have universally miserable and depressing titles.”

“Just to confuse the international book buying public, I am thinking of penning a book called ‘Pakistan – a lovely place to live,’” remarked Barton.

“One of the things you do before coming to a country as a diplomat is to read the key political and historical books about the country. This is my sixth posting, so I have a relatively impressive collection of books about the different countries I have had the pleasure to serve in. Pakistan is no exception,” he remarked.

The envoy added that those who saw his comment piece a couple of weeks ago titled ‘The glass is half full’ will know that “I actually do think Pakistan is a lovely place to visit – and those who write book titles are getting it wrong.”

“I think Pakistan has huge potential to become an economic powerhouse by investing in education, infrastructure and its people, so that Pakistanis can make the best use of their talents and Pakistan’s location.”

The British envoy said given continued reports of violence, it is easy to forget the bigger picture: Pakistan is in a much better place than it was a few years ago, and has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape the country to the kind of Pakistan its people want.

“The year 2047 is not only a 100 years from the birth of this great nation, but it will also be a day when the youth of today will be leading Pakistan, and the Chevening Scholars of this year would have had the opportunity to shape the country,” he stated.

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