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PFA seizes meat supply in Lahore on 'pork' suspicion

PFA seizes meat supply in Lahore on 'pork' suspicion

LAHORE: A Punjab Food Authority (PFA) team led by Director General Ayesha Mumtaz seized a large amount of suspected pig meat (pork) during a raid conducted near Lahore Railway Station.

The PFA DG Ayesha Mumtaz while talking to Dawn said that the raid was conducted on a tip off that pork is being supplied and sold in the city in the name of beef and mutton while pig fat was being used in the making of ice cream.

"The Chief Minister Punjab has ordered us to check the supply of carcass meat strictly after the previous instances of confiscation of donkey and horse meat. The supply has been seized and samples are sent to laboratory for a test to determine whether it is actually ‘pork’ or some other form of substandard meat," said the DG PFA.

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The person carrying the supply was arrested and handed over to police for further investigation in order to nab the group involved in this heinous crime.

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Pakistan, being an Islamic Republic has banned the sale/stock of pork in any sort or form as eating pig meat in any form is forbidden in Islam.

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The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has been going around Lahore fining, warning and sealing any establishment dealing with food that are found in 'unsatisfactory' (read unhygienic) conditions – from high-end, expensive restaurants to low-end, small food businesses.

The authority claims it is doing this to create awareness not only about the food people were being served, but also about hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness at restaurants, food factories and cafes.

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