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Punjab drafts bill on charities surveillance

Punjab drafts bill on charities surveillance

LAHORE: A draft law on regulation of all kinds of charities including funding of NGOs will prominently figure in the list of actions taken by Punjab under the National Action Plan (NAP) in an important meeting being reportedly held in Islamabad in the next few days.

Sources in the Punjab government said on Tuesday that preparations for the meeting were in full swing and another item on the list of the Punjab government would be the action taken against terrorists and banned organisations in the past few days.

They said that draft law focused on the purpose of the donations and their use by the registered or non-registered charities so as to prevent funding of anti-state elements through them.

They said NGOs receiving local or foreign funding would also be covered in the law so as to prevent usage of these funds other than their stated purpose.

They said many laws covered the registration of charitable bodies and NGOs but they were silent on the aspect of the sources of charities, for which and for whom they are made, and how they are spent by the charitable organisations.

Sources said the province would submit how many criminals or terrorists had been hanged in Punjab after convictions by the courts and what was the status of pending cases of heinous crime and terrorism.

Details of cases registered and people punished under over six laws enacted by the Punjab government, including misuse of loudspeakers and wall chalking, would also be submitted.

But the latest item to be discussed in the meeting would be how to plug funding of criminals and terrorists through charities or any other method. The related draft law would not suggest any action against the donors who earn legally but evade tax. “This is not illegal or black money and our purpose is to stop misuse of such funding,” an official remarked.

Published in Dawn, September 9th, 2015

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