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Rangers release MQM's Qamar Mansoor on 'humanitarian grounds'

Rangers release MQM's Qamar Mansoor on 'humanitarian grounds'

KARACHI: The Rangers on Wednesday released Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Qamar Mansoor after 49 days from what was to be a 90-day preventive detention.

The Rangers released Mansoor on "humanitarian grounds" as the initial investigation concerning him had concluded, a Rangers law officer said.

Officials at Anti-Terrorism Court-II (ATC-II) confirmed the receipt of an intimation report from the Rangers informing the court of his release from their custody.

"During his 49-day detention, he was allowed to meet with his ailing mother," the Rangers law officer said.

Although Mansoor has been released, the law official said the MQM leader had not been cleared of the charges against him.

"He has been asked to appear before investigators whenever summoned," he said.

A day ago, the MQM's legal aid committee had moved an application contending that the party was sceptical about Mansoor's whereabouts as he was allegedly not present in his detention cell. The plea was however turned down due to technical reasons.

Mansoor's detention period was to expire on October 21.

Qamar Mansoor and Rabita Committee in-charge Kaiful Warah were detained by the paramilitary force in a pre-dawn raid on the party's Nine-Zero headquarters on July 17.

MQM, in a statement on party website announced to relieve Mansoor of all his duties both as a party leader or worker.

The statement says that the decision has been taken in a joint session of party’s London and Karachi Rabita Committee after reservations expressed by Mansoor before the committee after his release.

The RC ordered all party workers not to contact Mansoor regarding party matters.

The party however welcomed Mansoor and his family to MQM headquarters Nine Zero if they need Rabita Committee's help.

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