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PTI performed fairly well in second phase of LB polls: Sarwar

PTI performed fairly well in second phase of LB polls: Sarwar

LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Punjab, has claimed that it has performed fairly well in the second phase of the local government elections as its success ratio improves, while PML-N’s success decreases by two per cent.

It is learnt that PTI’s Punjab organiser Chaudhry Sarwar met party chairman Imran Khan and presented him a detailed report on party’s performance in the local body elections’ first two phases in Punjab.

The report suggests that the PTI popularity has gradually increased in LB polls as it had won one seat against PML-N’s 10 seats in general elections 2013 with actual results showing PTI’s 25 seats against PML-N’s 250 seats.

The report says the PML-N’s winning margin has decreased in the LB polls. In the first phase of elections, the PTI has won 332 chairmen and vice-chairmen seats showing 13pc win by the PTI and 42pc by the PML-N.

In the second phase, the report says, the PML-N win margin has further decreased as the PTI won 347 seats. The win ratio for the PML-N stood at 45pc, while the PTI bagged 15pc seats.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has lauded the services of Chaudhry Sarwar and other leaders in Punjab.

MINI-BUDGET: Mr Sarwar has termed the upcoming mini-budget of the government an assault on poor masses and vowed to resist it at every forum including Parliament.

He said the only solution to the menaces of inflation and unemployment was to end corruption and plunder by the ruling elite.

He said the Punjab government had badly failed in ensuring law and order in the country and was responsible for putting lives and businesses of people at risk.

He said the PTI would reach out to public again in the third phase of the LB polls as well.

Speaking at a convention of PTI’s women wing here on Sunday, Mr Sarwar said the flawed policies of the government were taking a heavy toll on the pockets of common citizens.

Criticising the ever-increasing inflation, Mr Sarwar said the increase in number of suicides due to poverty was a vivid proof of rulers being enemies of the public.

He said people were already adversely affected by increase in petroleum prices and gas tariffs and added that an IMF-dictated mini-budget would be detrimental to welfare of people.

He said the PTI would not stay mum on this injustice and would raise the voice of public at every level including the assemblies. “We will not let rulers kill the poor,” he asserted.

Mr Sarwar said the PTI was ready to face the government in the third phase of LB polls scheduled for Dec 5. “We will not leave any field open for these rulers despite their tyranny against our workers and attempts to influence the elections,” he asserted.

He reiterated that the PTI would surprise all its opponents with the results of the third phase of LB polls and prove that masses support it.

Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Mian Mahmoodur Rasheed, PTI’s Women Wing president Saloni Bukhari and Lahore organizer Nabila Jameel were also present.

Published in Dawn, November 23rd, 2015

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