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Hitmen, militants among 29 suspects held in Karachi

Hitmen, militants among 29 suspects held in Karachi

KARACHI: Pakistan Rangers, Sindh, on Monday stepped up their actions against criminals following the recent killing of their four personnel, and detained dozens of suspects, including 11 suspected hitmen and militants, in separate raids in different parts of the city.

Four of the suspects were allegedly involved in the killing of several policemen and personnel of Pakistan Navy, said the paramilitary force spokesperson.

The held suspects belonged to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the banned Sipah-i-Muhammad Pakistan (SMP) and Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), said the Rangers spokesperson.

SSP worker Zaheer alias Piyala was allegedly involved in the killing of half a dozen police officials, said the Rangers officer.

The victims included police constable Arshad who was killed at Zamindar restaurant in 2009, constable Shahzad who was murdered near Hyderi mosque in 2012, constable Asif in Peetal Wali Gali, constable Nazim in Nazimabad, an ASI and a constable near Annu Bhati Park, the Rangers officer said. However, he did not mention the names of the ASI and the constable.

The paramilitary force also detained MQM worker Amir alias Nukta, for his alleged involvement in the killing of three policemen and an official of a ‘sensitive institution’, said the Rangers spokesperson. The victims were retired DSP Abdul Shakur who was murdered in 1995, constable Dilber killed in the same year, a naval official targeted in 1996 and another constable killed in 2008, he added.

Also associated with the MQM, Haroon alias Kala was detained for allegedly killing police constable Aftab, said the officer.

He said that another suspect, Babar alias Chingari, belonging to outlawed Sipah-i-Muhammad Pakistan, was detained for his alleged involvement in the killing of a police constable. However, he did not mention the name of the police constable.

Korangi, Liaquatabad

In separate raids in Liaquatabad and Korangi, the Rangers detained three suspects belonging to a political party for their alleged involvement in targeted killings and extortion activities, the officer said.

The Rangers also seized weapons from their custody.

Neelum Colony

Separately, an intelligence-driven surgical operation was conducted on the hideout of a banned militant outfit in Neelum Colony. The Rangers detained four members of the militants group and seized weapons from their custody, said the spokesperson. The officer didn’t mention the name of the outlawed group.

Old Sabzimandi

In a series of raids on the hideouts of hardened criminals and drug dens in the old Sabzimandi area, the Rangers detained 18 suspects, dismantled narcotics dens and seized 23 weapons, a large quantity of drugs and liquor bottles from their custody.

Published in Dawn, November 24th, 2015

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