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Yakhtangay becoming Shangla’s top tourist spot

Yakhtangay becoming Shangla’s top tourist spot

SHANGLA: The number of tourists coming for Iftar parties to Yakhtangay, a tourist spot of Shangla, is increasing day by day as they enjoy the cold and pleasant weather of the area as well as scenic beauty and cook food for themselves.

Yakhtangay located in Kotkay, Alpuri, on way to Puran tehsil is visited by tourists, especially in summer season.

The tourists from Peshawar, Mardan, Butkhela, Swat and Buner come here for Iftar parties, turning the area into a top picnic spot. “Yakhtangay is very cold compared to other tourists areas,” said Shafiullah, a resident of Sundvi Puran. He said that the area was famous for its cold springs and now it had become a regular tourist spot.

Darya Khan, a tourist from Dargai, said that the area people were too hospitable, but unfortunately there was no hotel or guesthouses for tourists. “We came here in a group and we also have friends from Peshawar. Everyone feels that the government should provide facilities for tourists in the area so they could stay and enjoy the cool weather here,” he said.

Mohammad Alam, a resident of Bely Baba who came with their guest from Peshawar, said while cooking for Iftar that many people were coming to Yakhtangay to escape the heat wave in their respective areas and enjoy the pleasant weather here. “The Erra should complete construction of the guesthouse here,” he said.

Said Arsala Khan, who came from Alpuri, said after eating meal that tourists could easily come for a picnic here.

Inayat Khan, a local shopkeeper, said that they saw the rush of visitors on Fridays and Sundays. He said that seeing the rising number of visitors the local people had started construction of hotels in the area. He said that during Ramazan their sales had increased significantly.

Karim Khan, a local resident, said that they expected a heavy rush of people on Eidul Fitr. He claimed that a tented village would also be set up for tourists during Eid days.

Published in Dawn, June 22th, 2016

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