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'Policemen' gun down man in Sindhi Muslim

'Policemen' gun down man in Sindhi Muslim

KARACHI: A man was shot dead Sunday night by plainclothed 'policemen' in a police mobile who opened fire on a car carrying two men fighting with each other.

Abrar went to a market in Saddar to sell his mobile phone to a man identified as Dil Nawaz, who tried to race away in his car without paying for the handset, Superintendent Police (SP) Dr Saad Ahmed told Dawn.

Abrar chased Dil Nawaz's vehicle on foot and managed to get in the car, the SP said, adding that Dil Nawaz's car carried a fake number plate.

"The two continued to fight in the car, eventually arriving at Sindhi Muslim where a police mobile was stationed. The policemen in the mobile, apparently sensing unusual activity, opened fire on the car, killing Abrar and injuring Nawaz," the SP said.

However, the police mobile's presence in the area was unusual, the SP said, as it was not supposed to be stationed there. Police are tracking down the policemen who shot at Nawaz's vehicle, SP Ahmed said.

Inspector General (IG) Sindh A.D. Khawaja took notice of reports of the alleged plainclothed policemen in the police mobile who fired at the vehicle, and ordered the Deputy Inspector General East to ensure all investigations regarding the incident are transparent and impartial.

The IG Sindh directed the concerned authorities to produce a comprehensive report on the incident.

Earlier in January this year, a young man named Shaharyar was shot dead by police while riding a motorcycle in Gizri after he allegedly did not stop at the police check post in the area.

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