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Ship brings 669 military trucks for US army

Ship brings 669 military trucks for US army

KARACHI: In a short period of less than 45 days, a vessel during its two visits to Karachi Port has brought in 669 military trucks and other equipment for the US army.

According to official documents, MV Liberty Pride carrying 365 military trucks for the US army reported at the port on June 8.

During another visit to the port on July 17, it brought in 304 military vehicles.

The port of shipment has been mentioned in the documents but there is no disclosure about the destination of the vehicles, according to the port sources. It obviously means they are meant for Afghanistan where over 9,000 US troops are still stationed.

The import general manifest, the shipment document of the vehicles, mentioned Wilmington and Beaumont in the US as the ports of shipment whereas other equipment was loaded on the vessel either from Livorno in Italy or Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

Early this year, the same ship carrying over 400 Humvee vehicles largely used by US forces in Iraq war also reported at Karachi Port.

Even at that time the destination of the vehicles was not disclosed but ultimately they reached Afghanistan.

Being a roll-on roll-off ship, MV Liberty Pride quickly discharged all vehicles.

After taking berth at West Wharf at 7.30am on July 17, it sailed out in the evening at 7.20pm, port sources said.

Besides carrying military vehicles for the US army which had been mentioned as importer of the trucks in the shipment document, the vessel also brought in 64 military vehicles for the Pakistan army during its first visit to Karachi Port on June 8.

The import document of the vehicles mentioned the Central Ordnance Depot as importer of the vehicles. But the specification of the vehicles was not given.

Published in Dawn, July 22nd, 2016

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