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Google to train university students in Pakistan

Google to train university students in Pakistan

Internet giant Google will visit various universities across Pakistan to equip students with modern Google tools and services, Tech Juice reported on Tuesday.

The purpose behind the events is to help students and primarily developers, designers and bloggers to earn money through different techniques that are the most optimal ones for using Google services.

The event will focus on two of the very dear products of Google for monetisation — Google Adsense and Google AdMob. Both of the products are excellent for monetisation of your content on web or mobile.

Google’s team of professionals and technical experts will visit Pakistan and meet internet marketers, developers and bloggers to explain strategies that are successful in other emerging markets.

In the wake of increase in number of internet users and even more mobile users, Pakistan is considered to be a good market to promote Google tools.

To register for the Google event, click here.

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