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Government warns MQM to distance itself from Altaf Hussain or suffer consequences

Government warns MQM to distance itself from Altaf Hussain or suffer consequences

ISLAMABAD: The government on Friday warned the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to disassociate itself from its chief Altaf Hussain or suffer the consequences.

Talking in DawnNews’ show Doosra Rukh, Prime Minister's Spokesperson Dr Musadik Malik said "MQM would be allowed to continue their political activities in Pakistan, however, they will have to amend their constitution and disassociate from their chief".

“We cannot alienate Muhajirs due to the acts of an individual,” said Malik.

He added that Muhajirs are the “asset of Pakistan”, but repeated his earlier message of "disassociation with Altaf Hussain".

“The government has decided to move against Altaf Hussain — at government to government level — and a formal application will be lodged with Britain’s Scotland Yard,” said the premier’s spokesperson.

Malik further added the government can also ask the British authorities to extradite Altaf Hussain, but certain legalities will have to be looked into.

“British government has very strong rules against hate speech and strict action is expected against the MQM chief,” Malik hoped.

Altaf Hussain’s diatribe earlier this week took many by surprise who were convinced that state institutions will use the speech as a justification for a strong action against MQM activists.

Parts of the speech that went viral on social media minutes after the violence broke out in the city’s south districts showed that while addressing the MQM workers protesting outside the Karachi Press Club against “enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of workers”, Mr Hussain not only raised slogans against Pakistan but also called the country “a cancer for entire world”.

“Pakistan is cancer for entire world,” he said. “Pakistan is headache for the entire world. Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism for the entire world. Who says long live’s down with Pakistan.”

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