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Cable operators end country-wide strike, resume services

Cable operators end country-wide strike, resume services

Cable Operators on Tuesday announced the end of their country-wide strike and resumption of cable services, said Cable Operator Association leader Khalid Arain.

The operators had suspended their services on Monday in various parts of the country following a strike call after the refusal from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to postpone the auction of Direct-to-Home (DTH) service licences.

The Lahore High Court also issued a stay order on Tuesday to halt the auctioning of Direct-to-Home (DTH) licences which was scheduled to be held on November 23, reported DawnNews.

Pemra Chairman Absar Aalam, however, indicated that the auction of DTH licence services will be held as per announced schedule in accordance with the earlier orders of the supreme court .

"DTH is an inevitable platform for progress in media services and SC had instructed Pemra not to halt auctioning of the DTH licences," said Absar Alam.

The Pemra chairman also revealed that licences are allotted under a transparent system and licences will not be allotted to any company which do not have more than 49 per cent shares in Pakistan.

"The ones who are opposing and running campaigns against DTH, the ones who have approached the courts, had never opposed Indian DTH," added Alam.

While talking to media persons, Absar Alam also said,"Business of cable operators will not be affected by introduction of DTH."

While commenting on the stance of Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA), the Pemra chairman revealed that PBA had recommended in the court to introduce the DTH as soon as possible.

"Cable operators do not have any reason for strike and I wish they had opposed the Indian DTH in the same way," he said.

"In light of the apex court's decision, cable operators do not have the right to halt access of Pakistanis to DTH service," he added.

Unlike the traditional cable connections, DTH service is a digital setup that broadcasts channels directly to homes from satellite using small dish antennas

Pemra on November 12 had shortlisted 12 companies for participation in the first auction on November 23 for DTH service licences.

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