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JI wants Supreme Court to hold the corrupt accountable

JI wants Supreme Court to hold the corrupt accountable

LAHORE: Jamaat-i-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq on Wednesday appealed to the Supreme Court not to disappoint the nation in respect of accountability otherwise the country could plunge into anarchy and civil war.

Speaking at a reception hosted by the Lahore Tax Bar Association, he said the corrupt elite had always been above the law and the Constitution and was never brought to book. “People still think that some kind of doctrine of necessity may be reinvented.”

Siraj said: “I would appeal to the Supreme Court a thousand times, not to disappoint the nation, because if the masses got disappointed this time again, the country might plunge into anarchy and civil war.”

He said the judiciary would have to bring the plunderers to book in order to prove its existence and supremacy.

The JI chief said the Panama leaks was not a political case, it was an issue of the national security and survival of the country. The ruling clique was burdening the country with cruel taxes.

“The owner of 18 mills is paying the same amount of tax being recovered from a labourer.”

He said those mentioned in Panama leaks or got bank loans written off, must be held accountable whether they were in the government or the opposition.

Haq said according to an international survey, around five million people in the country were taxable but only 1.2m were paying direct taxes.

“This is because the people don’t trust the rulers or the taxation department. The entire taxation system is flawed and must be revamped.”

Expressing solidarity with the armed forces against continued Indian aggression, Sirajul Haq said India was firing on the country the bullets made with the money earned through trade with Pakistan. He demanded that the rulers end trade losses with India.

He said the JI’s Sindh convention being held in Karachi on Nov 26 and 27 would bring about good news for the poor and workers against the forces of exploitation and injustice.

Tax Bar Association President Farhan Shahzad in his welcome address termed corruption a major problem.

Published in Dawn, November 24th, 2016

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