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PML-N papers: PM Nawaz's assets increased 57pc from 2011-12

PML-N papers: PM Nawaz's assets increased 57pc from 2011-12

The following information is based on documents submitted to the Supreme Court by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's legal counsel for the Panamagate hearing. The assertions made in these extracts are solely the view of the respondents. does not endorse or confirm the claims made in the case file.

The petition filed by the PM's legal counsel reiterates information about Mr Sharif's background and his spendings. Here are some highlights.

Sharif went to Government College, Lahore, prior to pursuing his Bachelor of Arts. He studied Persian as an additional subject at university.

He graduated in the second division having scored 340/700 marks.

Sharif’s CNIC shows that he was born on Dec 25, 1949.

According to remarks in the PM’s ‘Statement of assets and liabilities (2012)’ he is “living in mother’s home”.

As per the ‘Detail of accretion in wealth’ of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and spouse (Mrs Kalsoom Nawaz), Sharif’s net wealth as of 2012 was nearly Rs245mn, it was Rs149mn up until June 30, 2011.

As per the particulars/description of assets and liabilities that year Sharif also owned a Mercedes Benz (1991 model), a tractor and another Mercedes (1973 model).

According to the PM’s ‘Wealth reconciliation statement’ he also gifted Rs19.5mn to his son, Hussain Nawaz, during the same period.

He took 24 tours, according to the statement. 10 in tax year 2010, 4 in 2011 and 10 in 2012.

To view's compilation of extracts from Panamagate case files, click here

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