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Zardari talks about social media, social media responds

Zardari talks about social media, social media responds

Former president Asif Ali Zardari addressed an energised crowd at the old Jinnah terminal upon his return to Pakistan Friday after nearly 18 months in self-imposed exile.

During his wide-ranging speech, Zardari spoke about how social media is redefining politics and evolving as an effective political watchdog.

But when you speak of social media, social media also speaks of you.

This is how Zardari's favoured watchdog felt about his address, which he had started by sending flying kisses to his gathered supporters.

Some didn't get what the big deal was about his return...

Literally, he is so not someone they wanted to celebrate.

In fact, his return was a bit irritating for some.

But hey, at least the songs were good!

Then there were those who critiqued his speech and didn't quite like what they heard...

Very unimpressed.

But those who couldn't be among the jiyalas at the airport went online to join the celebration.

And did not shy away from exhibiting strong faith in the former president.

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