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'Cricketers found guilty of corruption should consider their careers over,' says Shaharyar Khan

'Cricketers found guilty of corruption should consider their careers over,' says Shaharyar Khan

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan addressing a press conference on Monday in Lahore said that any cricketer found guilty of corruption should understand that their career is over.

Speaking to the media at Gaddafi Stadium, Khan said that Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif, accused of spot-fixing, had been suspended from playing cricket as the board had evidence against them.

"However, we do not have any evidence against Mohammad Irfan and Shahzaib Hasan, which is why we have not suspended them," he added.

The PCB chairman said that the tribunal, comprising officials from PCB's Anti-Corruption Unit, is deliberating over the matter.

"The tribunal is a serious matter. Anyone who is found guilty by the tribunal should understand that their career is over."

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When asked whether a lack of education was to be blamed for such practices, Khan said that the academy offers classes to educate cricketers.

However, he conceded that "if the players were better educated, they wouldn't have used unfair means."

"Education is a national issue and we're trying," he added.

Khan also said that strict fitness standards would be implemented from here on.

"Fitness and fielding should be our number one priority. And that's where we're lacking right now," the PCB chief said, adding that cricketers ? regardless of their seniority or expertise ? would not be allowed to play if they did not clear a fitness test.

"[Pakistan Coach] Mickey Arthur has told me that there are some four or five players who are on the borderline of the fitness test," Khan said. It is the board's policy to bar cricketers who fail to meet the minimum fitness requirement from playing, he said.

"No matter how good of a batsman or a bowler you are, if you fail the minimum fitness requirement, you won't be permitted to play."

"We want to set an example for all players ? whether in first class cricket or Under 19 or Under 13 ? that there will be no compromise on fitness," the PCB chairman said.

Referring to an incident reported by English batsman Dawid Malan this weekend, when a teenage fan allegedly entered the Peshawar Zalmi dressing room without authorisation, the PCB chief assured the press that an inquiry team is investigating the matter.

"Malan is right. These kinds of incidents should not happen and must be prevented from happening in the future," Khan asserted.

"Fans should never be so close to the dressing room," he added. "There are all sorts of people out there and they can act out."

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