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Toorpakai to raise Pakistan's sports profile through IOC's Women in Sports Commission

Toorpakai to raise Pakistan's sports profile through IOC's Women in Sports Commission

Pakistani squash star Maria Toorpakai Wazir, who was announced as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Women in Sports Commission on April 25, has said her appointment will benefit Pakistan.

Wazir, the first Pakistani women in the role, will assist the IOC in the development and implementation of its women and sports policy.

In an interview to DawnNews over the telephone on Tuesday, she said it was a matter of great joy for her.

"I will represent Pakistan in the Olympics arena and will raise my voice for Pakistani sports in the Olympics Committee," she said.

"The Olympics are a big platform and Pakistan should focus on them on priority basis so that our athletes, swimmers, boxers and other players can excel."

"It's not only me or Malala Yousafzai: every woman in Pakistan has a story of courage to tell. I believe that we can bring Pakistan out of the darkness if all women work together. I appreciate all those women who work for Pakistan," she added.

Quoting Jinnah, she said nations cannot progress until and unless their women work with their men shoulder to shoulder.

The squash player also appealed to men to support their mothers, sisters and daughters at each and every point, because the country is going through a transformative phase.

"We will not be able to come out of darkness if we miss the chance today. We will have to support our women on both the national and the international level," she added.

"Coming forward is not an easy goal for women in this country; however, if men support them, making progress will be so much easier for the women," she said.

After her appointment, she also took to Twitter to express her resolve.

She tweeted that she considers her appointment as a member of the Women in Sports Commission by the IOC as an important opportunity to encourage and promote women to take active part in sporting activities.

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